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Ana Laura Lima Zitta et. al

Ana Laura Lima Zitta

Dermatologist by Hospital de Base de São José do Rio Preto, Brazil

Title: Cutaneous ectopic schistosomiasis associated with löffler syndrome: A rare case report


Schistosomiasis mansoni is an endemic disease in Brazil, usually causing systemic symptoms, mainly gastrointestinal. Skin lesions are best described in the acute phase of the infection, with ectopic skin lesions rarely seen. We report a case of schistosomiasis with rare ectopic cutaneous involvement, with perianal papules and plaques, acquired in the state of São Paulo in 2020. 

At the beginning of the investigation, the hypothesis of infection by COVID-19 was raised, due to a pulmonary condition, but it was discarded after a negative PCR for the virus. Due to eosinophilia, pulmonary CT characteristics and epidemiology, Löffler's syndrome was suspected. 

The definitive diagnosis of schistosomiasis was given, after the onset of the skin rash, by the anatomopathological examination of the skin biopsy, thus avoiding an invasive examination - lung biopsy, in the patient who was using anticoagulants. The protoparasitological examination of feces was negative.

 The patient was treated with Praziquantel, with improvement of the condition. This report demonstrates the importance of dermatological examination and skin biopsy for the definitive diagnosis in a patient with severe systemic manifestations.


Ana Laura Zitta finished Med School at the age of 23 in Brazil, having accomplished an internship in the surgery area in Ospedale Maggiore di Parma – Italy. She finished in 2023 residence in Dermatology in one of the most renowned hospitals in her country. 

In 2022 she concluded a fellowship in cosmiatry in one of the largest private dermatology clinics in the countryside of São Paulo state. 

Currently, she makes up the clinical staff of a reference clinic in cosmiatry in São Paulo – Brazil. 

She has publications in several areas of Dermatology, including international journals.