Virtual Conference

Beniya ES

Srinivas Institute of Dental Sciences, India

Title: The fairies of face: An orthodontic perspective


Teeth is the only part in the face tailored with title Fairy. It is true that teeth is the booth of face that express esthetics. Orthodontics is the commanding branch of cosmetic dentistry, which raise the black curtain of improper alignment of the teeth and flash those pearly whites.
This presentation is an amalgamation of the case series of CBCT in the orthodontic diagnosis, which will help in delivering proper treatment plan, which includes four cases.  Case 1 includes horizontally impacted 21 with crown located labially, and root palatally with close proximity to nasopalatine canal, which was veiled in 2D orthopantomogram. Here, CBCT removed the black curtain and proved its monarchy. Case 2 is a premolar impaction, which in 2D radiograph appeared like an iceberg, but its true anatomy was revealed by the CBCT. After this, the next case 3 is about the central incisor mimicking a canine in 2D radiograph, which was found to be supernumerary tooth on CBCT. 
Followed by temporomandibular disorder (4) which severity was brought to light by CBCT. 
The next part is another picturesque five cases where the Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics transformed the personalities of people who were cameraphobic or turning those lips upside down to create their smile as world’s       calling card. Case 1 is a highly placed canine where the patient was complaining it as vampire fang and after treatment, she became an Angel. Case 2 is with a crowded teeth improved esthetics when that tooth started aligning. Case 3 is the proclined teeth where her friends called her as Bugs Bunny, and after treatment, she has become beautiful. Case 4 is another case where treated lower jaw without surgery, Followed by case 5, which is a space closure that polished up the esthetics of the patient.


Dr.Beniya ES has completed her Master of Dental surgery at the age of 29 years from Srinivas institute of Dental sciences, Mangalore, India. She is presently working as senior quality specialist in Dentcare Aligners, Kerala, India. She had presented four presentations in Indian conference. In addition, she is an author in IP Indian journal of orthodontics and dentofacial research.