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Dmitry Pshennikov

Dmitry Pshennikov

Ryazan State Medical University, Russian Federation

Title: Paranasal augmentation of the piriform aperture in the functional and aesthetic aspect. Age-related changes in the piriform aperture. Systematic review of paranasal augmentation techniques


In the first part of this review, the author considered age-related selective facial skull bone resorption that results aesthetic and often functional dissatisfaction with nasal breathing. Methods of paranasal augmentation with autogenous materials were also described. The second part provides a systematic review of paranasal augmentation with allogenic materials and all available implants.

According to various reports, porous polyethylene and silicone are quite popular for facial implants and, in particular, paranasal augmentation. However, there are much less common ones described only in a few publications. Paranasal region is important in the middle part of the face, and surgical interventions in this area present a certain challenge for surgeons. These procedures require functional and aesthetic compromise depending on indications and the desired result.


Dmitry Pshennikov completed his PhD at the age of 33 years from the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Russian Federation. Currently, he is the chief otorhinolaryngologist of the Ryazan region in the Russian Federation. He has two surgical specialties: Otorhinolaryngology and plastic surgery, which allows him to comprehensively solve rhinological problems. He has about 60 publications, 6 invention patents.