Virtual Conference
Dong Wang

Dong Wang

Beijing Yimei Medical Cosmetology Plastic Clinic, China

Title: Fat grafting combined with liposuction improves cosmetic facial contours in asians


Autologous fat grafting and facial liposuction are widely used to reshape facial contours. But up to now, there is no surgical design idea for Asian women. The article aimed to provide a facial esthetic design to guide the combined operation of facial liposuction and fat grafting for Asians, that is, the "three-line and nine-point" design method. In retrospective reviews, the surgical results of clinical practice were satisfactory, and a more attractive facial appearance was obtained. Our technique can easily be learnt and can be mastered by the most well-qualified plastic surgeons for satisfactory outcomes.


Dong Wang, the founder of Beijing Yimei Medical Cosmetology Plastic Clinic, has been specializing in the field of lipoplasty and fat transplantation for nearly 20 years. He summarized a novel facial esthetic design suitable for Asians——"three-line and nine-point"?and the results of its clinical application were published in “Clinics in Plastic Surgery”. He has been also serving a member or director of many influential Chinese plastic surgery organizations.