Virtual Conference
Falah Sharif

Falah Sharif

Mosul University, Iraq

Title: Modified lateral brow lift


In the aging face, the lateral third of the brow ages first and ages most. Aesthetically, eyebrow shape is more significant than height and eyebrow shape is highly dependent on the level of the lateral brow complex. Surgical attempts to elevate the brow complex are usually successful medially, but often fail laterally. The “modified lateral brow lift” is a hybrid technique, incorporating features of an endoscopic brow lift (small hidden incisions, deep tissue fixation) and features of an open coronal brow lift (full thickness scalp excision). Sensory innervation of the scalp is preserved and secure fixation of the elevated lateral brow is achieved. Side effects and complications are minimal.


Falah Shareef is a specialist at specialist plastic and reconstructive surgery at Mosul University in Iraq.