Virtual Conference

Francisco López Torres

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon , México

Title: V-Y palmar advancement flap for coverage of traumatic amputation of the tip of the thumb


Traumatic fingertip amputations sustain a high incidence on the emergency department. Thumb amputations represent a major challenge, since they must be approached individually, managing the most preservation of the length and recovering the pinch and grip preserving most sensibility possible. Multiple reconstructive options have been described; however, little emphasis has been placed on Atasoy´s V-Y advancement flap for thumb tip reconstruction. Despite the fact that some data does not recommend Atasoy´s Flap for the thumb due to the limited flexibility given by the soft tissues of the pulp, we report 10 cases of traumatic thumb tip amputations Allen ll and lll, where the V-Y advancement flap was used as a reconstructive method, giving optimal results regarding functional aesthetic aspects, as well as adequate sensibility without any further complications. In this article we discuss the thumb´s anatomy, surgical technique and postoperative care manifesting the versatility and simplicity given by the performance of this flap, acknowledging the great therapeutic option this flap provides for thumb tip coverage


Dr. Francisco López Torres is a graduate of the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery program at the Simón Bolivar University of Colombia. During his training he received specialized training in the management of burn patients, trauma reconstruction, hand surgery and facial reconstruction. He also had extensive training in Aesthetic Surgery with some of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and the United States. He completed a fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery in Dallas, Texas. He currently works in a Plastic Surgery group at The American British Cowdray Medical Center, in Mexico City.