Virtual Conference

Honey Gurbaxani Kalyani

VSPM Dental College and Research Centre, India

Title: M spring mechanics for the closure of maxillary midline diastema


Maxillary midline diastema (MMD) is a relatively common dental malocclusion characterized by a space between the maxillary central incisors, with functional and esthetic consequences. A diastema between the maxillary central incisors is a relatively common finding in the primary, mixed as well as permanent dentitions.
In the primary dentition, interdental spaces help to settle down the superceding permanent teeth. Majority of these close spontaneously by the time the maxillary canines appear, but a few may persist in the mature permanent dentition. In mixed dentition, a midline diastema often represents a normal stage of development and closes spontaneously when the canines erupt. If the midline diastema persists after the permanent canines have erupted, etiologic factors must be identified and eliminated so the space can be closed with stable results.
Various treatment modalities are implemented to bring about closure of the diastema. This article presents a series of 10 cases treated for the closure of diastema with a M shaped spring fabricated chairside.