Virtual Conference

Juan Manuel Velasco

Anesthesiologist, Colombia

Title: Perioperative ultrasonography in plastic surgery


Obtaining greater precision and better results, providing in the same way greater security in each one of them, ensuring more precision in gluteal Lipotransference obtaining a 99% level of security, which is ultimately what we seek to implement and share with our colleagues and patients.

The present work shows the development of the different procedures and the combination of technologies led by Perioperative Ultrasound, showing the use and usefulness in each case, reducing risks and improving results. Our case material demonstrates the effectiveness of the procedure and the advantage of having it and implementing it in our daily practice.

It is important to note that these techniques are already legislated in some states of the United States as a safe practice for procedures such as BBL in the state of Florida. And at some point it will become a world rule. For this reason, with our experience and your participation, we could venture into a world-class educational project that instructs students in greater safety for patients and surgeons.