Virtual Conference

M. Jawad Chaudhry

Cardiff University, UK

Title: FUT Vs FUE Hair transplant and how to choose between them?


In the ever-evolving landscape of hair restoration, the choice between Follicular Unit Transplantation & Follicular Unit Extraction techniques has become a pivotal consideration. This presentation delves into the critical decision-making process for patients and hair restoration surgeons alike when navigating the FUT vs FUE dilemma.
Over the course of 7 minutes, we will conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis of both techniques, elucidating their respective advantages and limitations. By examining factors such as scarring, recovery time, graft yield, and procedural intricacies, we aim to equip hair restoration surgeons with the insights needed to tailor their recommendations to individual patients.
Crucially, we will emphasize the nuanced reality that not every patient is an ideal candidate for each method. Factors like donor area characteristics, hair loss extent, and patient expectations significantly influence the technique's suitability.
While the presentation serves as a valuable guide for prospective patients, the primary takeaway underscores the role of the qualified physician in this decision-making process. With their expertise, they are uniquely poised to analyze the intricacies of each patient's condition and recommend the optimal approach.