Virtual Conference

Munir Alam

King Abdullah Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Title: Platelet rich plasma (PRP) for scalp hair loss


Introduction/Background: There is diversity in the platelet rich plasma (PRP) preparation technique and no set standards/guidelines for its use and the interval between each PRP session for scalp hair loss.

Purpose of the Study: To evaluate the easy and economical way of PRP preparation and standardization of the technique and time interval between each PRP sessions especially for scalp hair restoration.

Study Design: Cross sectional observational study

Setting: Faisal Hospital, Peoples Colony, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Period: One year and four months. From March 2019 to July 2020.

Material and Methods: Total number of 46 patients were treated with PRP from March 2019 to July 2020. In this study male patients were 37 and female 9. In this study one hundred forty seven consecutive sessions on forty patients with scalp hair loss of either gender were performed. Most commonly patients had scalp hair loss due to familial, idiopathic/environmental factors or androgenic alopecia. Our technique of preparing PRP is taking blood sample almost 20 ml, utilization of EDTA tubes, centrifugation at 3000 revolution for 1-2 minutes. The top layer containing plasma rich in platelets from 3 layers of blood in test tube is collected in a 3 CC syringe - prefilled with activator and local anaesthetic. Then the PRP mixture is injected into the scalp hair root. All the data was recorded in a self-designed Performa.

Results: In this study total 147 consecutive PRP sessions were performed on 46 patients . The age range from 19 years to 61 years. There were 37 male and 9 female patients in this study. With this technique of PRP preparation and injection technique and evidence based standardized set protocol for PRP time interval between each session, scalp hair stop falling, makes the hair stronger, regrowth of hair satisfactorily. The results showed satisfaction level 60 – 90 % assessed by using visual analogue scoring system. The results improved with this standardized time interval between each session and also preparation technique is complementary.

Conclusion: This technique is an easy way of PRP preparation. We have been able to achieve highly satisfactory results with our standardized technique and time interval between each PRP session, therefore we recommend our method of PRP preparation standardized technique and time interval between each PRP session for scalp hair loss. To maintain the effect of PRP, the booster session every three month is mandatory.

Key Words: PRP, preparation, technique, standardization