Virtual Conference

Rashidul Hasan

Us-Bangla Medical College & Hospital, Bangladesh

Title: Health seeking behavior in Superficial fungal infection


Various part of the world like Indian subcontinents (also Bangladesh) are facing treatment challenge of superficial fungal infection. Relapse, recurrence, resistances are common. Main causes are arising of new treatment resistant strain, mutation of existing species, inadequate dose, duration of antifungal drugs. But among all the reasons in such a country like us where drugs without prescription is very available. For these reasons proper diagnosis is not always done, topical corticosteroids/ Mixed preparations are very routinely prescribed. This is the one of the main causes to develop resistance. Superficial Fungal infection is widespread now. This article I try to find out the cause from our socioeconomic background.
Also try to morphologic pattern of infection, nature of maltreatment, visiting to another specialist


Dr. Md Rashidul Hasan completed MBBS degree from Dhaka medical college by the age of 24 years. Then he taken various National training & completed Diploma degree, Fellowship degree from 2 prestigious institute. After that he continued to take training various internationally reputed institute, He has more than 20 national & international publication.