Virtual Conference

Rashmi Singh

Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Title: Managing scars with microneedle radiofrequency


Scars are a result of defect in healing of wound . Scars can be atrophic as in chicken pox , acne  ,deep folliculitis ,trauma, stretch marks etc or hypertrophic scars and keloid.
Both surgical and medical treatments are used to manage these cases. Surgical treatments include subcision, dermaroller, excision of scars, punch elevation and so on medical treatments include silicon based gels and allium cepa. Many Lasers have also evolved as carbon dioxide lasers and Alexandrite laser but are expensive. Microneedle radiofrequency (MnRF) lasers are in fashion these days as they combine resurfacing by needles and rejuvenation and tissue remodeling through radiofrequency.
Through my presentation I will be sharing my experiences with MnRF in atrophic scars and post surgery scars.