Virtual Conference

Vivian Castilho

Assistant Professor at Taubaté University, Brazil

Title: Techniques for the Safety Use of High-Frequency Ultrasound-Guided for Facial Procedures


The knowledge of facial anatomy and its correlation with ultrasonography is crucial for several professionals in clinical practice. This technology allows real-time monitoring of the muscular and vascular anatomy while applying injectable products on the face, helping to prevent complications such as vascular occlusions. Guided aesthetic procedures often face challenges due to operators' lack of experience and knowledge of correct protocols. To address this, we provide a step-by-step approach to performing ultrasound-guided procedures more efficiently. The pedagogical approach used utilising a flight plan analogy, provides a clear and concise understanding of the practical application of ultrasound (US) in facial aesthetics, making the learning process simple and effective.


Vivian Castilho has been a radiology specialist for 12 years, focusing on high-frequency dermatological ultrasound. She serves as a preceptor for the dermatology medical residency programs at both the University Hospital of Taubate and Hospital Santa Casa de SJC, Brazil. In addition, she provides training in this field. Vivian has authored a book on aesthetic complications and the utilisation of ultrasound, published by Quintessence Brazil. She has also contributed articles to the field and holds a postgraduate degree in ultrasound-guided procedures.